Mirror cleansing

After a number of years of use, the mirror of the observatory’s 30 cm (12″) telescope was in need of a thorough cleansing.  We used distilled water to soak the surface of the mirror and to get rid of insects, pollen and other dirt. More water was used for a final rinse. The central hole of the mirror shows signs of wear and oxidation, so we probably need to have it recoated in the near future. With a brush we wiped the inside of the tube clean, after which the original matt finish re-appeared.

2011-05-07 ATT

Our annual visit to Europe’s largest astronomy fair; toys for boys. Less visitors than last year,  and also a number of vendors that didn’t show up this year. I would have loved to see the new AstroTrack GEM. Nevertheless we had a very good time. We checked out different solar telescopes. Clear winners were the double-stacked scopes.

Supernova 2011by in NGC3972

Supernova 2011by, 2011-05-01, 21.54 UT.






Despite strong winds and severe light pollution (shot from the city center of Almere), the supernova is clearly visible.

Canon 40D and William Optics FLT98 with 0.8x reducer (f=495mm). Stack of 10×1 min at ISO1600. 2011-05-01. 21.54 UT.