2017-09-03, Sun.

After months of little to no activity a nice group of sunspots (AR2674) appeared. In poor seeiing I captured a 1/125s shot from my balcony (overlooking a big tin roof) with a William Optics 61mm, f=360mm telescope and Canon 6Dii ati ISO800.20170903_0959UT_WO61_f360mm_ISO800_1-125s_6Dii_0118_web

2017-08-12/13 Perseids

Although the weather looked bad, meteorologists predicted clear spells during the Perseid maximum night 12/13 august. We gathered at public observatory Bussloo at 22.00 preparing for a very humid night waiting for the skies to clear. Around 22.45 most camera’s started imaging a partly cloudy sky. The first meteors were seen. At midnight most of the clouds had disappeared but instead the moon started to rise and illuminate the skies. Between 01.30 and 02.30 we were completely clouded out, but then the clouds finally gave way and we were able to continu well into dawn. Highlight of the night was a -6 Perseid fireball right in my field of view with a persisting train that was visible in binoculars for over 1 minute.


2016-05-14, Jupiter

First movie with the Canon 80D, Televue Powermate 4x and Celestron Edge HD1400. Best images selected from a two minute movie, 25 fps, ISO1600. Movie converted with PIPP and processed in Images Plus.

Canon EOS 80D, Televue Powermate 4x, Celestron Edge HD1400.

Canon EOS 80D, Televue Powermate 4x, Celestron Edge HD1400.