NLC’s, June 12, 2019.

Shortly after sunset bright noctilucent clouds became visible. Quickly grabbed my photogear and headed out to a spot north of the city overlooking the lake Markermeer.

20190612, 00.07UT, Canon 6D, Sigma 50mm ART, F2.8, 2s, ISO400.
20190612, 21.58UT, Canon 6Dii, Sigma 135mm ART, F3.5, 1s, ISO400.

Timelapse rendered using 285 1 exposures (1s each) with a Canon 6Dii and Sigma 135mm ART, F3.5, ISO400.

21-01-2019, Lunar Eclipse.

The lunar eclipse of January 21st, 2019, took place under chilly (-8°C/17°F) circumstances. A big difference with last year’s tropical (38°C/100°F) eclipse when over 500 visitors looked at the eclipse. Despite the cold and the early morning hours some 75 observers payed a visit to public observatory Bussloo to witness another nice eclipse.


2018-07-27, Eclipse of the moon.

On the very hot (38°C/100°F) summer evening of Friday 27 July, more than 500 visitors had gathered at public observatory Bussloo transforming the observatory into a festival site. Armed with drinks, chairs, telescopes and binoculars, the darkened moon became visible for the first time at 22.05 CET, more than half an hour after the rise of the moon.

With 1h 48m, this lunar eclipse was the longest in duration of the 21th century.

After a first presentation, I looked outside through the back door; there were already more than 100 visitors waiting in line for the next presentation.

Waiting for the moon to rise.

Waiting for the moon to rise.

Observers on top of the hill were the first to spot the moon rising through thin clouds.

2018-07-27, 21.02 UT, Moon & Mars. Canon 6D II, Sigma ART 135mm, F/1.8, 0.8sec, ISO1600.

2018-07-28, 21.14 UT. Canon 60D, William Optics FLT98, f=618mm, ISO400, 4sec.

2018-07-28, 21.23 UT.Canon 60D, William Optics FLT98, f=618mm, ISO400, 2sec.

2018-07-28, 21.47 UT. Canon 60D, William Optics FLT98, f=618mm, ISO400, 1sec.

2018-07-28, 22.23 UT. Canon 60D, William Optics FLT98, f=618mm, ISO400, 1/800sec.

2016-05-14, Jupiter

First movie with the Canon 80D, Televue Powermate 4x and Celestron Edge HD1400. Best images selected from a two minute movie, 25 fps, ISO1600. Movie converted with PIPP and processed in Images Plus.

Canon EOS 80D, Televue Powermate 4x, Celestron Edge HD1400.

Canon EOS 80D, Televue Powermate 4x, Celestron Edge HD1400.

2016-05-09, Mercury transit.

Observed the Mercury transit from Public Observatory Bussloo together with volunteers and visitors. Even though the wind was strong from time to time with a less than mediocre seeing, we enjoyed the transit. After a couple of hours, clouds started to hamper observations more and more but after a dinner break, the skies cleared again and we were given a last look at the Sun and Mercury.

Total lunar eclipse, September 28, 2015.

A crowd of volunteers and visitors gathered at public observatory Bussloo to catch a glimpse of the total lunar eclipse. As so often in the Netherlands it was an ongoing battle with clouds. Two hours before first contact, clouds had started to move in. But the moon remained visible through the clouds whilst totality was approaching. Then, minutes before totality started, a nice big gap in the clouds opened up. It only lasted for 20 minutes when thicker clouds moved in and made any further observations impossible. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed this very beautiful eclipse.