Draconids, October 8, 2011.

Forecasters predicted a Draconid meteor outburst for 20 UT this evening. Although the conditions were bad, an almost full moon and pretty heavy rainshowers, we decided to head to the observatory and hope for the best. Klaas Jobse joined us from Oostkapelle, were the weather was even worse. Looking at satellite pictures Alex, Wessel and Jan, took a last minute decision to get in the car and drive to a more favorable location some 50 km to the east. They counted as much as 50 Draconids during two 20 minute intervals with clear spells. At the observatory we also saw a couple of Draconids, but we didn’t really notice a ‘storm’. Most of the meteors were, as predicted, not bright. Nevertheless pictures with a fast lens and short exposure time revealed a number of Draconids. Below pictures were taken with a Canon EOS 1100D and EF 35mm/F1.4, 5 seconds at ISO1600.