Tivoli, Namibia, night 2.

During the day the sky quality was not very good; hazy with lots of dust. However, during dinner (Springbok with red cabbage and rice) the very strong wind made it disappear completely. Temperature dropped to just below 0°C. Spent some time with Michael and Hubert observing with the 50cm dobson. Omega Centauri, galaxy Centaurus A, 47 Tucanae, Tarantula nebula: indescribable! New personal record in  SQM value: 21,86. Also the first time I saw the Cirrus nebula in Cygnus with my 8.5 x 42 binoculars.

Photography was a bit of a challenge with these strong winds (Bft 5), but nevertheless managed to capture a fairly decent image of the Scorpius-Ophiuchus region. Canon EOS 1000D (modded) and Canon EF 35mm/1.4L at F/2.8, 14×5 min. at ISO800 on AstroTrac mount.

Scorpius - Ophiuchus complex