Perseids, 2012-08-11/12, public observatory Bussloo.

Observed the Perseids from public observatory Bussloo with a couple of fellow volunteers and visitors. The night started out pretty good (21UT) with a clear sky, but not much meteors. Unfortunately, one hour later, clouds started to build up. This lasted for quite a while, and most of the observers decided to leave. Me and Alex held on for a bit longer but eventually we started packing (00.30UT) as well. Whilst packing we noticed the clouds were disappearing rapidly. Within half an hour the sky was clear and we continued observing. The sky background was better than at the start of the night, despite the moon, and numbers of Perseids were rising. I had already packed the mount and camera’s, but the allsky camera (Canon EOS 5DII and EF 8-15mm at 8mm) was still up and running. In total it captured 40 meteors; 34 Per, 3 Ant, 2 Spo and  1 kCyg. The last 2 hours of the night were the best with 36 meteors.