California nebula from city center

I tried something new. I drilled holes in the wooden deck of my balcony so that the legs of a photo tripod stand stable on the underlying concrete. The Rainbow Astro RST-135 mount with a William Optics WhiteCat telescope placed on the photo tripod. The polar-alignment routine of the Staraid autoguider used to align the mount (the balcony is positioned on the south side of the building). I could only see the planet Mars (thanks to Bortle 9 scale and a lot of direct illumination) but through plate solving (also via the Staraid) the California nebula could be found. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and after only 5 shots it started to rain.

2021-01-12, California nebula, Canon EOS Ra, William Optics WhiteCat 51mm, f=250mm, Optolong L-extreme dual narrow band, 5x3m, ISO6400. Polar alignment, plate solving and autguiding: Staraid.