NGC7000 from city center

Shot the North America nebula from the city center (Bortle scale 8/9) despite high clouds and humidity. I used a Borg 125 SD (f=480mm) combined with a STC astro duo narrow band filter. Camera was a Canon EOS Ra, 10x5min at ISO1600, Rainbow Astro RST135 mount, guiding through Staraid. Due to the terrible seeiing the stars are a bit bigger than usual.

2020-07-29, comet C/2020F3 (NEOWISE)

It had been a week since I had seen the comet. So in spite of the circumstances (high clouds, moonlight and heavy light pollution) I made an attempt to observe the comet. The comet was no longer visible to the naked eye, but this was mainly due to the quality of the sky (even M31 was not visible).

2020-07-29, 21.39UT, Canon EOS R, Sigma ART 135mm, F/2.5, 20x10s, ISO1600.
2020-07-29, 22.05UT, Canon EOS Ra, William Optics Star71mm, f=F348mm, 20x10s, ISO3200.