2020-05-30, Crew Dragon flyby

A couple of minutes after the Internation Space Station, the Crew Dragon followed in the same orbit. Although I did not see the Crew Dragon, the camera (Canon EOS R and Sigma 135mm/F1.8 ART) recorded the flyby very low over the horizon. Individual images from this movie were stacked to show the Crew Dragon (the trail at the bottom of the image).

2019-11-11, Mercury transit.

Planned my holiday to La Palma (the Canary Islands) as to coincide with the Mercury transit. The weather was very sunny, but incredibly windy. I could only observe the start of the transit as the seeing grew worse and worse every minute. In fact the observatory on the Roque de los Muchachos issued a storm warning. I shot the transit from start to finish but only the images from the first 30 minutes were usable.

All images where shot with a Canon EOS 70D, paired with a Canon EF 300/4 @f/10 and Extender 2x-A, ISO125, 1/6400s.

2019-06-12, NLC’s.

Shortly after sunset bright noctilucent clouds became visible. Quickly grabbed my photogear and headed out to a spot north of the city overlooking the lake Markermeer.

20190612, 00.07UT, Canon 6D, Sigma 50mm ART, F2.8, 2s, ISO400.
20190612, 21.58UT, Canon 6Dii, Sigma 135mm ART, F3.5, 1s, ISO400.

Timelapse rendered using 285 1 exposures (1s each) with a Canon 6Dii and Sigma 135mm ART, F3.5, ISO400.

2019-01-21, Lunar Eclipse.

The lunar eclipse of January 21st, 2019, took place under chilly (-8°C/17°F) circumstances. A big difference with last year’s tropical (38°C/100°F) eclipse when over 500 visitors looked at the eclipse. Despite the cold and the early morning hours some 75 observers payed a visit to public observatory Bussloo to witness another nice eclipse.