2019-11-11, Mercury transit.

Planned my holiday to La Palma (the Canary Islands) as to coincide with the Mercury transit. The weather was very sunny, but incredibly windy. I could only observe the start of the transit as the seeing grew worse and worse every minute. In fact the observatory on the Roque de los Muchachos issued a storm warning. I shot the transit from start to finish but only the images from the first 30 minutes were usable.

All images where shot with a Canon EOS 70D, paired with a Canon EF 300/4 @f/10 and Extender 2x-A, ISO125, 1/6400s.

2017-09-03, Sun.

After months of little to no activity a nice group of sunspots (AR2674) appeared. In poor seeiing I captured a 1/125s shot from my balcony (overlooking a big tin roof) with a William Optics 61mm, f=360mm telescope and Canon 6Dii ati ISO800.20170903_0959UT_WO61_f360mm_ISO800_1-125s_6Dii_0118_web