Supernova 2011fe in M101.

Despite horrible conditions (hazy sky and severe light pollution), I had a go at supernova 2011fe in M101. The telescope used was a WO 123mm F/6 that I got on loan from my telescope dealer. Due to the ever increasing light pollution in downtown Almere, I had to limit the exposure times to 20 seconds. The image is a stack of 20 x 20 sec. at ISO1600 with a Canon 40D. A Televue TRF-2008 reduced the focal lenght to 590mm. 2011-09-19, 22UT.

Supernova SN2011dh in M51

Friday morning I received an email from the ISN maillist about a possible supernova in M51. That same night I was able to observe the supernova at public observatory Bussloo with fellow observers Alex and Mendel. We used the observatories 30cm F/5 telescope with a 10mm Ethos (160x) to view the magnitude 14.1 supernova.
Supernova SN2011by in NGC 3972 (13.8) was also revisited.

Notwithstanding the mix of high temperatures and ‘grey’ nights (it doesn’t get really dark here this time of year) I caught the SN with my new William Optics GT 81 telescope:
WO GT 81mm, F/4.7 (f=478mm + 0.8x reducer), Canon EOS 40D, ISO800, 5 x 90 sec.


Supernova 2011by in NGC3972

Supernova 2011by, 2011-05-01, 21.54 UT.






Despite strong winds and severe light pollution (shot from the city center of Almere), the supernova is clearly visible.

Canon 40D and William Optics FLT98 with 0.8x reducer (f=495mm). Stack of 10×1 min at ISO1600. 2011-05-01. 21.54 UT.