This is the homepage of Jaap van ‘t Leven.

I was given my first camera when I was 6 years old and never stopped taking pictures ever since. At the age of 12, I became interested in astronomy as well and soon after I started out with astro-photography.
When my highschool teacher took me to a public observatory I was hooked for life!
Two years later I became a volunteer myself at Public Observatory Bussloo.
A lot of time was put into observing and photographing meteors; since 1994 I have observed almost every Leonid outburst from countries across the globe; America, China, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Results of these observations have been published in several professional astronomical magazines. Check out this link.
Besides meteors, I like to observe comets and deep-sky objects and chase an occasional outburst of the elusive northern lights.

Professionaly, I’ve been working as an ICT consultant since 1989 in the field of Oracle, Unix and infrastructure.

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  1. Beste Jaap,

    Langs deze weg nog heel erg bedankt voor jouw boeiende inleiding gisteravond in het Bezoekerscentrum van Natuurmonumenten te Ruinen.
    Ook ik staar al jaren naar boven, maar sinds gisteren ga met veel nieuwsgierigheid weer googelen op allerlei ‘sterren-sites’ !
    De belangstelling is helemaal terug !

    Nogmaals dank én de groeten van

    Henk Mulder
    Vrijwillig Boswachter NM

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